Request, Exchange and Analyze Medical Records at Scale.

For over 20 years, ReleasePoint has been driving innovation in how requesters and providers exchange medical records and information. Our products help some of the world’s largest insurance carriers to maximize revenue at scale while ensuring compliance.

Medical Record Retrieval

ReleasePoint is a leading provider of national medical record retrieval services, offering dynamic solutions that satisfy the needs of customers in insurance, legal, disability, SSDI and research markets.


With ROMI from ReleasePoint, you get a network of medical providers and requesters in an online environment that works with most EMR systems, is HIPAA-compliant, and assures maximum revenue.

Clinical Analytics

ReleasePoint Analytics draw value and insight from unstructured clinical data, opening the door to reduced record review time, improved workflow, and long term trending analysis.

Record requests, page counting, billing, status inquiries and even HIPAA compliance is all handled 100% online with Release Point.

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