Record Retrieval 2.0

Record Retrieval 2.0 is a concept that acknowledges that record retrieval is no longer simply a commoditized necessity of the underwriting and claims process, but that industry customers can and should expect more from their supplier. Record Retrieval 2.0 denotes a next generation approach to the workflow process that encompasses:

  • Technology:

    As more facilities replace their paper-based systems with Electronic Health Records, ReleasePoint provides a “many-to-one” file conversion and delivery process that actively encourages the transmission of EHR information to our secure imaging servers. Documents of any and all types are converted to a single file based on customer format requirements.

  • Quality Control:

    ReleasePoint delivers a multi-layer QC process that assures our customers can use the documents we deliver – or they don’t pay.

  • Distributed Processing:

    Request processing moves seamlessly through our three production offices, in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Charlotte, providing redundancy, scalability and improved cycle time through reduced USPS distance.

  • Interoperability:

    ReleasePoint excels at complex system-to-system projects, whether it’s through a temporary bridge to a legacy mainframe, or Web Services/XML integration with today’s current technologies.

Medical Record Retrieval for the Following Industries:

  • Life Underwriting and Claims

  • Health Underwriting and Claims

  • Disability Underwriting and Claims

  • Property and Casualty

  • Workers Compensation

  • Research Companies


  • Low Risk

    %40 years of Industry Experience

    %Employee-Based Workforce

    %Secure, Redundant, and Scalable Infrastructure

  • High Value

    %Bundled Value Added Services with Real Impact

    %Integrated Provider Fee controls

    %Special Handling in California

  • High Quality Standards

    %Multi-level Quality Assurance Process assures the documents we deliver can serve their intended purpose – or you don’t pay

  • High Degree of Flexibility

    %ReleasePoint Adapts to YOUR Processes & Technology

  • Cost/Performance Ratio

    %Fastest Turnaround at the Lowest Cost

    %Creative Cost-Control Methodology