An Evolution Over 50 Years In The Making

Building on over 50 years in the medical information space, ReleasePoint delivers a unique combination of scale, experience, and creativity to our market that allows us to create custom medical information solutions for some of the largest companies in their respective industries.

Our Team

The ReleasePoint team includes both established industry veterans and new innovative talent, giving us an understanding of where we’ve come from and insight into where the industry is going.


and Process 






Group 809

Machine Learning

and Big Data


Path 1096

System Integration

and Development


From the largest enterprise to the smallest firm, ReleasePoint has a solution that speaks to the needs of your organization.

Our Technology

ReleasePoint engages our Information Technology team in projects as varied as:

Our Global Network

ReleasePoint is a true 21st century company, global in scope and scale, with the talent and technology resources necessary to build a custom solution for your organization. Multiple delivery and data centers provide business continuity and data security, capable of supporting the needs of the largest and most complex of business challenges.