Medical Information for the Digital Age

If your organization requires medical information to power your business processes, ReleasePoint can provide the scale, technology, and workflow expertise to deliver an industry leading solution customized just for you.

Information Retrieval 2.0

Medical information retrieval has become ever more complex over the past decade, requiring increasing scale and sophistication in technology, workflow processes, and interoperability. ReleasePoint Medical Information Retrieval delivers this and more:


Now that the transition from paper medical files to Electronic Health Records is nearly complete, ReleasePoint is the “many-to-one” provider that can intake medical information from multiple sources and deliver a single, consistent medical image file every time.

Quality Control

ReleasePoint delivers a multi-layer QC process that assures our customers can use the documents we deliver – or they don’t pay.

Workflow At Scale

ReleasePoint is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes.


ReleasePoint excels at complex system-to-system projects, whether it’s through a temporary bridge to a legacy mainframe or through Web Services/XML integration with today’s current technologies.

Developers Welcome

All ReleasePoint technologies are accessible through our RestfulAPI, which makes it easy to build complex integrations and connections. Email us at for more information.

Medical Information Retrieval for the Following Industries:

Why is ReleasePoint the right choice for your business?

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COVID-19 Medical Information Solutions

ReleasePoint can power your COVID-19 research through scalable workflow, access to EHR data sources, and comprehensive AI/NLP extraction data via our Medical Data Program. Contact us for more information.