Our Team

The ReleasePoint management team comprises business professionals with over 20 years of service in the Release of Information industry. The ReleasePoint team specializes in:

Workflow/Process Management

Information Security and Compliance

System Integration and Database development

Customer Support

ReleasePoint has the resources to manage your ROI process from beginning to end.

Our Technology

ReleasePoint utilizes numerous technologies to facilitate the Release of Information process, including:

Web 2.0 Applications

NIST Encryption Methodologies

Data and Image Archiving

Physically secure, managed data center

All of the components that comprise the ReleasePoint process are time-tested and reliable elements in our carrier class record retrieval systems.

Our Network

ReleasePoint is a national corporation, headquartered in Southern California, with networked production facilities in Los Angeles, Austin, St. Louis, Charlotte, and Hartford.

These identical production facilities provide business continuity, scalability and redundant operational capacity, in addition to reduced record delivery time.