What is ROMI?

ROMI is a combination of software and services that equips your practice with a comprehensive solution for managing the release of medical information. Combining a modern Web-based portal with a host of managed back office services, ROMI will improve HIPAA compliance, maximize allowable revenue, and dramatically reduce the time your staff spends dealing with the insurance companies, law firms, government agencies and retrieval organizations who are requesting your patient information every day.

How Does it Work?

ROMI manages all aspects of the ROI process online. All requests for medical information are directed to ReleasePoint to be evaluated for HIPAA compliance, and forwarded to our practice partners only when all documentation is complete and compliant. When you are ready to forward the medical records, ROMI integrates with your EMR system to allow you to drop us the records as a PDF or C-CCD, where ReleasePoint staff will review the file for scope and content before releasing records and collecting payment through our secure online portal.

Why It's Awesome:







ReleasePoint represents a network of medical providers, requesters and service personnel in an integrated online environment that facilitates compliance with federal privacy regulations and the fulfillment of the request for medical records.

RPNet Online Portal

Utilizing Web 2.0 technologies, which include realtime updates on request and production capacities, facilities are given total access to every element of the ROI process. RPNet delivers:

  • Realtime Status

  • Document Archive

  • ROI Production Reporting

  • Service Team Contacts

Built for EMR

ReleasePoint provides integration options for most major EMR systems, facilitating a 100% electronic ROI process. Data can be converted FROM any format TO any format, all the while conforming to NIST standard encryption and security.

Supporting Technologies

ReleasePoint utilizes many supporting technologies to deliver an unparalleled ROI platform, including:

  • Secure Email

  • SMS Text Messaging

  • Mobile Platform Options

  • Secure Online Payments

  • Custom EMR Integration Options


The ReleasePoint ROI platform was built from the ground up to integrate with Electronic Medical Records systems from most major software suppliers. We realize, however, that the vision of a purely electronic health information environment is a work in progress for most medical providers, and so the platform adapts accordingly.

The ReleasePoint ROI platform accommodates all current record environments:
  • Low Risk

    For those providers who have made the full transition to EMR, this is your ROI platform. ReleasePoint has the ability to receive data and images from all major ROI systems and deliver them to the requester as one integrated document.

    The ReleasePoint ROI platform is a fully integrated system that makes good on the promise of a concept-to-completion electronic ROI process.

  • Hybrid Paper/EMR

    For those providers in the midst of an EMR transition maintaining two sets of records, the ReleasePoint platform offers numerous customization options for an integrated and electronic ROI process that is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Pure Paper

    For those providers yet to transition to EMR, ReleasePoint delivers an advanced ROI platform that accommodates the paper record through online scanning options, as well as on-site scanning in many regions.


The ReleasePoint ROI platform delivers “Assured Compliance” with Federal Privacy Regulations through the integrated request screening process. Assured Compliance mitigates risk to our customers, protects patient privacy, and delivers a secure, compliant retrieval process to requesters.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT (HIPAA) designates when, how, and to whom protected health information can be released. ReleasePoint delivers a platform for HIPAA compliance, with integrated request review, secure point-to-point record delivery and disclosure logging.

  • HITECH Compliance

    The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, provides guidelines for the secure storage and transmission of Protected Health Information.

    ReleasePoint provides compliance through the incorporation of NIST standard encryption and storage methodologies into its core processes, and breach reporting as required.


Information security is a core component of the ReleasePoint ROI platform. Both physical and network security are addressed through our enterprise-class IT Infrastructure. Whether patient information is accessed on mobile systems, web applications, or archive media – as long as it is in the ReleasePoint network, it is secure.

  • Physical Security

    Protected Health Information is stored on servers residing in our Los Angeles datacenter. Providing 24 hour premise security, keycard access and real-time intrusion and attack detection, ReleasePoint data is secure.

  • Network Security

    Protected Health Information residing within the ReleasePoint network is secured by NIST standard encryption technologies, backed by a full suite of network policies and procedures that place the protection of your patients’ data at the forefront.

  • Business Continuity

    The ReleasePoint platform was designed from the ground-up with business continuity and disaster recovery concerns in mind.

    Our Los Angeles datacenter provides power redundancy, diesel backup generatorsand network failover. ReleasePoint production facilities provide redundancy in case of localized natural disasters. The ReleasePoint platform will be available when you need it, 24/7.


ReleasePoint believes in a simple premise: Release of Information should be an asset, not a burden. Outsourcing ROI to ReleasePoint assures maximum revenue is derived from the release of the health information in your control.

  • Maximum Revenue

    It is standard industry practice to require payment for ROI services rendered, and these fees are often dictated by the state statutes in which the provider does business. ReleasePoint manages these fees, automatically billing the requesting party the maximum amount billable by law. Flexible revenue sharing options, as well as fee for service plans, assure that your facility is given the maximum remuneration possible.

  • Payment Options

    Requesters are given multiple payment options, including direct payments to the medical facility as well as credit card payments by phone, fax and web.

Manage Everything Within

Release Point organizes all your medical record requests in one place. Import EMRs directly into the system and scan in the others that arrive by email, fax, postal mail, and phone. From there, the requester can login any time to check on status, pay their bill and reply to HIPAA verification docs.

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